Frequently Asked

Where can I buy Readyland books?

Readyland books can be purchased on Amazon. You can follow this link to shop now.

How are Readyland books different every time?

Readyland readers can have a new experience every time by making different choices with hundreds of ways to explore the pages and activities. Games also change with every read, different songs are played, and seasonal surprises keep children coming back time and again.

How much are Readyland books?

We are proud to offer such an innovative experience at an accessible price. Each book offers hundreds of fun ways to explore the pages which keep children coming back time and again. Readyland paperback books can be purchased for $14.99 USD and hardcover copies for $24.99 USD. Join our mailing list in the footer below to stay informed about our promotions.

What’s the ideal age range for Readyland readers?

Readyland books are fun for kids and parents alike! To get the most from the experience, we recommend A Playdate with Rosie & Ricky and 3 Little Pigs for children ages 4-7 while Jack and the Beanstalk is geared to children aged 5-8 years old. We’re working on books for older audiences as well!

Do I need to buy an Alexa device for the books to work?

No! Readyland books work with any Alexa-enabled device (ex. Echo Dot, Echo Show among others) as well as the Alexa app which can be downloaded for free on any smartphone or tablet.

Is the Readyland Alexa skill exclusive to Amazon Kids+?

No, anyone with an Alexa enabled device or the Alexa app can enjoy reading Readyland books with Alexa.

I’m having trouble setting up, where can I get help?

Please visit our setup page and if you still require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

I experienced issues during the Readyland experience, where can I get help?

Please check that your Alexa-enabled device is functioning properly and has a stable internet connection. Sudden quits from the skill could be temporary Alexa issues, try restarting your device. If you require further assistance or want to share product feedback, please contact us at

What countries are Readyland books available in?

Readyland books are currently available for purchase on in the U.S. and the Readyland Skill is enabled in the U.S., Canada and the UK.

What languages are Readyland books available in?

Readyland books are currently available in English. Please ensure your Alexa-enabled device is set to English, or English / another language (for example: English / Español and not English as the second language). The Readyland skill will only understand English.